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Nov 21, 2009
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I love my first memory of meeting Meg and Joe in person.  Meg was talking about how Joe is always “this happy”- as happy as he was- huge glowing smile from ear to ear as if he had just won something.  She obviously fell in love with that characteristic.  So I asked Joe what that was all about…, “Were you raised to look at the positive?” Joe thought for a quick second…”ain’t nothin to be sad about”, he said.  Huge smile again, and we all laughed.

These two astounded me again and again in similar situations.  One of Meg’s best friends, a bridesmaid, was brutally sick with pneumonia, and flew from her home in England to be here, only to have to fly back because she was so sick.  Meg wasn’t phased on her wedding day.  She hugged her dear friend with all her might as she said goodbye, and gladly welcomed her cousin in as a bridesmaid to take her ill friend’s place.

I could tell you many more anecdotes about these two, but I know that what you really want to see is pictures, so please enjoy this sneak peek of Meg and Joe’s Chicago wedding!



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Nov 18, 2009
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A word that comes to mind when I think of these two is sweet.  In the best sense of the word.  It came through in our working relationship in that they were always up for anything, always kind to me-  full of gratitude and positivity.  Maggie is a graphic designer, and it is so fun to work with people who get equally excited about composition, light, color- all that good stuff.

I felt free to play on your day guys.  Thank you for making it so enjoyable!



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