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Sep 30, 2009
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I met Denise and Dan the week of their wedding, though I had come to know them vicariously through Denise’s mom in previous months.  the night of the rehearsal dinner, hearing stories from the friends and family that love them most, and watching their sweet affection with one another, I fell in love with these two.

I told Denise’s mom last night at the viewing party that Denise reminds me of a cross between two Kennedy’s…Jackie and Carolyn Bessette.  She’s classic, intelligent, elegant, poised.  Dan lights up any room with ease.  He is laid back, funny, and disarming.  I love the way I could see how crazy they are about each other even in their differences.

Thank you guys for such a good time!  Best to you in your new life in St. Louis!



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Sep 27, 2009
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My dear brother Ben welcomed me to his hometown San Francisco last weekend.  I gave myself a break and took only pictures with the  SX-70 Polaroid camera that he had given me for my birthday.    Polaroid cameras are magic to me in their ability to emphasize the fleeting nature of a moment.  You shoot the picture- it grabs the moment and makes a big noise announcing it, and your record of that life-blip immediately feeds out of the end of the camera.  You only get one chance.  It’s always like that, with any camera.  A moment can never be re-made.  But these cameras seem to drive it home for me.

There are a few that we took with Ben’s point and shoot at the end.

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Sep 22, 2009
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I got to meet Gabriel Graff when he was ten days old, but here’s a look back to August when he was just a little bun in the oven.


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Sep 10, 2009
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So I inherited the Gyllenborg family from Tyler.  He photographed Kristin and Matthew’s wedding a few years ago, and they have always been one of our beloved Wirken families.  When Tyler found out he would be out of town for Lauren and Justin’s wedding, he was truly sad, and I was hoping that I could do justice to the relationship that Tyler had already formed with them.

After a few hours of toasts, laughter, and tears at the rehearsal dinner, I had already fallen in love with these guys.  How could you not?!  They are the picture of hospitality, class, kindness, and fun(!).  Now I’m in on what all the love was about.  Thank you Lauren and Justin!

Lauren is a very organized and on-top-of-it person.  I saw her datebook in her room…notice how she checked off the tasks that had been completed (rehearsal).  cute.



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Sep 03, 2009
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There is something special about getting out of town to shoot a wedding- everything is new to my eyes, and I have this kind of sense of solitude- being away from places and people that I know.  That combined with the total trust and excitement that I received from Niki and Andrew really lent itself to a strong day.  When people trust me, I am free to play, and that’s when I see best.

I was also given darn good material.  You will see there is no shortage of authentic emotion from these families.  Jewel and I looked at each other after the ceremony and agreed that it was one of the most personal and meaning-filled ceremonies we had covered.  Niki and Andrew love each other so much.  I hope you see it in these pictures.

Niki’s parent’s wedding photo hangs in the hallway


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