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Aug 27, 2009
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The first time I met with Kellie and Scott, I immediately liked their laid back vibe.  We only got to meet a few weeks before the wedding, but we hit it off over a glass of wine and a little catching up on how they met, what was important to them about their day.  I was struck by Kellie’s sense of style immediately, and it came through in the elegance of the entire wedding.  One of my favorite memories of these two was watching them dance together at the reception.  A lot of guys kind of hang in the wings while the bride dances with girlfriends all night.  To me, it seemed like a great forecast of what their married life will be like- getting out there together and making a good time of it.

Here’s a little teaser before the pictures are posted next week:

Kellie’s dress was pretty fanastic



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Aug 23, 2009
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A day with Mimi and Papi at the pool

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Aug 17, 2009
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I am shamelessly late posting pictures from Alison and Andy’s wedding, but that certainly does not have any reflection on how much I love these guys or their pictures!  Words that come to mind when I think about these two and their families are kind, easy, playful, and genuine.  They are the kind of people who are always focused on you rather than themselves.  Thank you guys for your extensive hospitality and love this year.

You might remember Alison and Andy’s engagement session at the track.  Their wedding day carried the same sense of charm.  Instead of heading to a bar in between their afternoon ceremony and evening reception, they decided to treat their friends to ice cream in Alison’s home-base Brookside Baskin Robbins.  We headed to the neighborhood park for some pictures and Alison hiked up her white beaded dress, walked through the dirt, and hopped on the swingset with Andy.

This first image is one I could personally relate to and found pretty funny…this bridesmaid, in her third trimester, approached the difficulty of getting zipped up with a good sense of humor


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Aug 09, 2009
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Gina and Jeff are so cool.  Gina’s terrific style inspired me for both our engagement session and the wedding day.  One of the funnest things about shooting for these two is that they always got on board with my excitement about the pictures.  At the same time, they totally trusted me, and didn’t have any expectations that put me in a box.  Here’s a good example- the wedding day was unexpectedly stormy- pouring- and it didn’t look like it was going to stop, but despite any disappointment in the weather, they didn’t let it get them down.  They were going to have fun no matter what.  In the end, the sun ended up beaming through right as it was time for pictures, which was a really fun surprise.

You will see the love between these two in the way they look at one another.  You guys are the best!  So glad I got to capture it all!



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I love working with people who I am already connected with.  I met Annie through her cousin Allison, who was one of my wonderful 2008 brides.  Victor and I learned that we are both former SMS Raiders!  Annie and Victor, thank you for prioritizing the engagement session even though you live half way accross the country!  And thank you for having the drive to go for the cool stuff even though you had gotton up at 4 am that morning!  So excited to be working with you guys!


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