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Most people (like myself) when stuck in front of a camera for the first time, freeze up and have no idea what to do.  So NOT the case with these two.  They were jumping on each other’s backs, dancing, running into fountains…it was a workout keeping up with them :).  I just love you guys.  It was so much fun!

Take a look at these high school sweethearts…

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Jul 28, 2009
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I grew up playing dress up and putting on plays with Amanda and her sister Angie while our parents got together on weekends.  We hadn’t seen each other for over 10 years, when I ran into her on the Plaza last summer, after just finding out I was pregnant.  I said, “I’m pregnant”, and she said “I just got engaged!”.  Ben had literally JUST proposed.  

On the wedding day I found myself either laughing or tearing up behind the camera all day.  Amanda has the same best friends that she did in elementary and high school.  I know from my own experience that the oldest friends tend to make me laugh the hardest, and, man, Amanda and her friends are hilarious.  I cried seeing Susan (mom) love on her grandkids, and seeing Stan’s awesome reaction when he first saw his daughter.  I welled up to see Ben and Amanda together because they are such a blessing to one another, and it seems that they each compliment the other so well.

The reception started off with one of the best wedding party introductions I’ve seen, and the energy continued with a surprise bridesmaid’s dance and a kids dance party on the big red-curtained stage.  Thank you Ben and Amanda for allowing me to capture your day.  I was blessed by it.


Amanda’s mom decorated the bridal room with decor used at their 25th wedding anniversary party.


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Jul 23, 2009
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Little Mason is kind of a baby mascot around here.  His 6 month pictures were so incredibly expressive that we decided to hang 9 of them on our studio wall.  I was excited when his mom, Cara, asked me to come out to their home to follow him around at 15 months.  Check out this cutie!


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Alright, so like many of us, Abbie and Justin do not like to try to look like supermodels in pictures…they don’t take themselves that seriously.  But I told them when they came for their viewing that they are going to have to endure looking at a few of the ones where they actually did end up looking hot and modelesque.  We had a great time at their session.  You can’t even tell that it was 100 degrees, can you?  Thanks for a fun time guys.

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Jul 21, 2009
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Charlotte is a proud 4 months

She smiles a lot.

She actually laughs.  she thinks mommy and daddy are hysterical.

She blows lots of bubbles with her mouth (maybe I encouraged that one a little bit too much)

She rolled over and I about called all of my friends to throw a party.

We like to believe that we hear a mama or dada in her sweet babble

We love her to unexplainable degrees.


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Jul 17, 2009
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Christy and Jacob have become very dear to me after getting to know them and their families over the past year.  I have especially had the chance to bond with the Beausirs, over several meetings, a bridal session, and of course the wedding itself.  I have to tell you one story to give you an idea of just how warm these guys are.  We had a two part bridal session, and on the second day, I didn’t have a sitter, but they were super thrilled at the idea of me bringing baby Char.  Mom, sister Mallory, and Christy all love babies.  Charlotte was her typical easy self, but at one point began to get fussy, and we knew she had a bad diaper.  Get this, Mallory insisted on changing Charlotte’s poopy diaper so that I could keep shooting.  I was so embarassed to let her do that, but she kept insisting.  I just think this just speaks volumes on what a kind, laid back, loving family these guys are.  I feel like I’ve known them for years, and I know that they make everyone feel that way.

When I met the Scoby family on the wedding day, they radiate the same kind of love, fun, and family bond.  Christy and Jacob have an incredible foundation of family backing them up.  

Now that I am a new mother, I really treasured seeing Carrie (mom) with her kids.  She beams for them.  


Christy waits patiently alone in her room as dad got dressed and mom ran around doing last minute tasks

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Jul 01, 2009
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I love these guys.  I love that every time we met it felt like hanging out.  I love how they don’t take themselves too seriously.  I love their love for classic rock.  I love that their families were on the dance floor all night.  They have the nicest friends, and they are two totally likable people pairing up.  Here are some of the images from their wedding day.



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