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Mar 17, 2009
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Baby Char had her first play date on Friday, and celebrated her one week birthday Sunday.  Each day is a new milestone- sleep gets progressively better, and time is already going too fast!!


Charlotte’s first girlfriend, Hazel.


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I am so thrilled to share a glimpse with you of this beauty that has made her way into our lives in the past four days.  Mark and I welcomed our baby girl, Charlotte Anne into the world on Sunday at 12:54 in the afternoon after a long (but endlessly rewarding) 14 hour labor (and three hours pushing!!).  I will limit my words here, but summarize by saying that she makes me feel that I have not fully lived until now.  It is an absolute miracle and a wonder.  Heart-wrenchingly good.  But for now, we are happy to share a snapshot into our last four days with her, and we wanted you to see her beautiful face!
love, Becca

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Mar 01, 2009
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I really revel in the experience of shooting portrait sessions at people’s homes.  A portrait is an encapsulation of who someone is at a certain point of time, so what better way to convey that than to be in that person’s “natural habitat”?  I don’t even think we realize how much the light and colors in our house define our experience of the world.  So there is something so accurate and dear about pictures in that space.
My friends Betsy and Brett Olson welcomed their son Warrick into the world about 5 months ago.  They are awesome parents.  You will see it in these pictures.  They let him amaze them.  They take such joy in his every day and his growth and exploration.  My overall impression being around them as parents is that their laid back attitude is a result of seeing parenthood as a discovery and a journey rather than a duty.  Thanks for letting me in guys.  Enjoy!


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