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Jan 30, 2009
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I think the word is pretty much out that Mark and I are expecting our first little one in a few short weeks.  Many of you have asked to see pictures of my budding belly, so I thought that sharing a few from our trip to Mexico last week would be a good way to do it.
We planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas last June, a week before finding out (SURPRISE) “you’re pregnant”! My doctor is a cool guy, and he let me go anyways, despite the fact that I’m not supposed to be traveling anymore.  And it worked out.  It was just what we both needed.  It was what we like to call “aggressive relaxation”.  The sun and the water were like a magic happiness pill for my increasingly awkward body.  
So enjoy the views.  I am excited to introduce you all to our gal soon!


oh, and Mark took all the ones of me. Didn’t he do well? 
_mg_9855-copy-2.jpg bellysand1.jpg
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A week ago Sunday many of my dear friends showered me and my coming baby girl with gifts and love at one of my favorite spots in Kansas City, Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott.  I blogged a few months ago about their grand opening, and to my great pleasure, some of my dearest girlfriends conspired with Natasha and Vicky, shop owners, to host a wonderful get- together, where everyone nibbled on a menagerie of gourmet sweets, espresso, and tea.  
The gals all conjured up their inner illustrator and created letter flash cards with crayons for my little chica.  I especially liked “U is for Uvula” that is pictured below 🙂  There were some seriously good illustrations, especially by my friend Betsy, who I think needs to start illustrating children’s books.  I tasted my first macaroon, which is pretty much like giving crack a try.  Natasha’s pistachio macaroons taste as perfect as they look.  The best part is the way they just collapse into creamy goodness once you bite through the delicate surface.  One of the other great surprises was a very heartfelt and handmade piece of art from Natasha.  She made a fanciful little girls cake topped with an elephant (she named her Penelope) that looks like the real thing, but is even better, because it is a model that my little one will be able to use for tea parties for years to come!
First, here is a pic with me and my pals Holly, Cari, and Taryn, who hosted this little party for me (we sorely missed the other host, my dear friend Sarah Schultz who was super ill that day.
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Jan 09, 2009
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another session that I didn’t get to blog waaay back in November.  I have known Amanda since I was born.  Our families are old friends.  We have old pictures of us doing plays, dances, camping, baths- classic kid stuff.  What fun to be able to shoot her wedding here in a few months!   011amanda_ben_es-copy.jpg039amanda_ben_es-copy.jpg read more

just a few pics I took round my house over the holidays…wanted to share the pretty stuff
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I love making my living as a photographer.  I am at my best when the line between my personal life and work and my professional projects is blurred almost to nonexistence.  I remember hearing that W. Eugene Smith once said, “You can’t photograph if you’re not in love”.  And I find that to be a simple, steadfast, powerful truth.  I really care about my clients, and I come to know them as friends.  Through my affection for them, I am able to study them more closely, and I think, portray them with an intimacy that can only happen if there’s care involved.  Another important lesson for me in my career as a wedding photographer has been that I need to let my mind wander and play photographically in my personal life in order to maintain that kind of “wandering” and free point of view in the intensity of a wedding day.  It’s really easy to get caught up in preconceived ideas about what a wedding is, what shots people want, etc., instead of the better approach (in my opinion), which is to let life throw you some surprises and really look- really engage with your surroundings and how this day is uniquely beautiful.
All that is merely to express a “thanks” and “I love you” as I share my last wedding of 2008.  Things have been so crazy with the studio move, the holiday rush, expecting the baby- that I am super late on posting this.  Bet better late than never.  It’s definitely a wedding worth sharing.
Emily and Jeremy- you guys have been so great to work with.  I love how much you love photography, and it is pure pleasure to work with people as easy going and authentic as you two.  Best! 
The guys passed the afternoon with a little Guitar Hero 026watkins_martens.jpg
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