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Just had Hayley and Andy and the family in for their viewing party tonight.  I almost always blog before the big in-studio reveal, but it was actually kind of fun that, as Hayley’s mom said, they “had only seen 9 pictures from the wedding day” since it happened over a month ago.  So, it’s interesting to me to hear the things that are in their memory without the influence of pictures to shape it.  For the most part, the general feedback I get from people is that the pictures actually enhance their memory of the day- maybe even glorifying it a bit- not only reporting reality objectively, but capturing the wonder of what it actually felt like to experience it.  I told them all that seeing the pictures in a slideshow for the first time might even feel a little overwhelming.  It takes awhile to “get acquainted” with your pictures- picking out the nuances and the pictures that are most meaningful, or most visually striking.  So, I’m going to try to talk about why some of the photos below stood out to me as I was editing, and how each of them are specific to Andy and Hayley’s story.This first image is a moment that I see at lots of weddings, but it is always precious to me- that look on the bride’s face as she sees her wedding day look unfold.  And ever since I first met Hayley, I have been struck by how uniquely beautiful her eyes are.  
when this series of pictures of Andy getting ready came up on the screen last night, Hayley said, “that is SO Andy!”
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I honestly think these two might have got stuck with one of the nastiest cloudiest coldest days this fall, but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on what we got.  We had a wonderful time.  Taking a natural picture with lots of personality is easy with Sam and Matt.  Looking forward to their wedding in May….This first shot for me is very reminiscent of a classic photograph of Bob Dylan and his then girlfriend Suzie Rotolo walking through their Greenwich Village neighborhood.  The original photograph was taken by Don Hunstein.  I’ve included the picture below…

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Dec 09, 2008
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It was such a pleasure to get to shoot an anniversary picture for the mother of one of my grooms from a few years back.  Danielle has a great appreciation for photography, and said she wanted something moody and intimate.  I just love what we got. 
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what a great session!  How can you go wrong with funny dogs?!011leah_jacob_es-copy.jpg010leah_jacob_es.jpg

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Dec 08, 2008
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I had the best time photographing little Mason at his adorable 6 months of age.  I know Mason’s mom Cara from high school, so that made it even more of a joy to meet him.  Here he is… 008mason_thomas_8mo-copy.jpg  read more

A few Saturdays ago, on a rare weekend off, I had the pleasure of stopping by the grand opening of Natasha Goellner’s brand new cake shop in Mission Farms.  This place is true loveliness.  Whether you stop off for a morning espresso and pastry, or commission one of Natasha’s truly astounding cakes for a special occasion, you must stop by this holiday season to enjoy this delightful shop.  I overheard a woman talking about how she planned to bring her granddaughters in for a tea party- perfect idea!
Along with the excitement of the shop’s grand opening, I had the chance to visit with Jenny Steffens, creator of Kansas City’s Bliss List, who was set up in the back room with tons of great ideas and vendor samples.  Jenny’s got impeccable taste, and if you are not a follower of her blog, pop on over and get inspired sometime.
You can visit Natasha’s new shop here,
10573 Mission Road Leawood, KS 66206 913.341.0300
until then, take a peek inside…


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here’s Molly’s beautiful bump…abstractbelly.jpgmollysilhouette.jpg
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