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Nov 26, 2008
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I am afraid of sounding like a broken record talking about how much I adore all of my couples, but here I go again, because Natalie and Dirck are precious to me.  I have always loved how they break the mold.  They are this wonderful blend of seemingly opposite characteristics and tastes…their lives are a combination of cosmopolitan elegance and down home ranch living.  They are continually down to earth and focused on others.  The wide spectrum of relationships represented at their wedding is evidence of their magnetism and influence in many people’s lives.  I swear, every time I saw Natalie this year, she was more interested in asking about my pregnancy than talking about herself or her wedding.  I am continually humbled by the kindness and love of people like this.
This wedding really had it all- beauty and elegance, humor, tears(…LOTS of tears of joy during the ceremony).  And these guys know how to have fun!  Enjoy….


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These two had their first date at one of my favorite spots around town- La Bodega- here’s a peek at their session…003sarah_blake_es-copy.jpg011sarah_blake_es-copy.jpg read more

Jackie and Kyle are salt of the earth kind of people.  I admire the way they live, the things they value, their kindness and generosity.  I love that Jackie laughs loud with her whole body, and I love how Kyle laughs adoringly along with her.  Sometimes I have to remind people throughout the wedding day to forget my presence and be themselves.  To my glee, Jackie and Kyle ignored me so well, that I actually had to raise my voice if I ever did need to get their attention.  They really truly wanted what we offer- a concentration on real moments and an almost completely uninterrupted record of the day.

I’ll start off in the bride’s prep room.  Lots of energy with this crowd.  Here the bridesmaids model their evening gloves for Jackie….
and Jackie’s mom brings pictures of the ballroom in it’s stages of prep
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This was a really fun session.  I would see some great light or color, and try it out (can be hit and miss- sometimes I try it and it’s nothing), but every time, they got so excited about it with me, and trusted that it was worth the try.  And it was! 

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With Kelli it was love at first sight….for me I mean.  I saw her walk into the chic Michael Nolte Bridal fair, White, and I said to Pam, “I want that bride”.  She’s beautiful, yes, but what radiates from her is a warmth, openness, and love for life and people.  I knew she was the real thing.  Shortly after meeting Kelli at White, I got to sit down with her and Troy, and fell in love with Troy to an equal extent.  They are the kind of people you want to do life with- they live with generosity and passion.  They treasure above all their many close friends and family.  Troy beamed as he talked about his three wonderful kids, Kelli teared up when she thought of her time with her dad before walking down the aisle. All that to say, just like many of our clients, I am sad that the wedding is over because I consider them friends and I will miss them!
One of the truly special things about this wedding was that Tyler and I got a chance to shoot together!  We have always known that bringing both of our strengths together in one wedding would allow us to cover moments to an even greater extent, and as we talked through the wedding day, we felt that there were plenty of situations where having an additional shooter would be really helpful.  You saw how we were able to cover the rehearsal with each of us in different places, and that luxury continued through out the wedding day- an extra set of eyes, an additional angle, another creative mind for portraits.  It was really fun for us, and a wonderful bonus for Kelli and Troy.
So, without going on any longer, here are some favorites from the day….

I just LOVE this pic of Tyler’s of Troy’s arrival
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Kelli and Troy’s wedding was extra special for more reasons than one, but most notably for us, was that Tyler and I got to shoot together (more on that later…).  When we sat down for our final meeting before the wedding, Kelli was telling us about how excited she was about her rehearsal, not only the incredible styling that her friends had worked so hard on for the dinner, but we also found out that she and her dad had planned a prank for the actual rehearsal.  Dad is a big Johnny Cash fan, so in all of 2 minutes between the initial walkthrough and the final time down the aisle, Dad and Kelli were going to change into Johnny and June garb, and let the church doors open to a big surprise for all their family and friends.  Tyler and I  knew we couldn’t miss either of these things- we split the time- he was at the Hawthorne House capturing the silliness while I arrived early to shoot the beauty at Red Barn Farm.
Stay tuned for the big wedding day later this week…
Here Kelli and Dad scramble to change 036_andrews_reh-copy.jpg 041_andrews_reh-copy.jpg
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