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Leah and Eric are seriously good at tennis ūüôā¬†
This is one of the many things they have in common. ¬†They even lived in the same building in New York, and didn’t know it until after they starting dating. ¬†I had a great time with these two, and can’t wait for their wedding in Columbia, MO this September. ¬†Take a look…

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Jun 27, 2008
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Every time I got together with Alison and Brian in the year leading up to their wedding, it was like a creative brainstorm. ¬†They flooded me with “them”-
I love it when people do that! ¬†I have to know a couple’s stories, tastes, personalities, the things they hold dear- in order to do justice to recording their wedding day. ¬†These two have a romantic view of the world, and “romantic” is such a sappy word, but I mean it in the best sense here- they are people that live with passion and imagination. ¬†They laugh loud with their mouths wide open, and they get excited about beauty, expression, experience. ¬†Brian has both graffiti and service on the police force in his life story- well rounded eh? ¬†Alison was a part of the Renaissance Festival for many years, and it’s evident in the way she moved in that spinning gown. ¬†The wedding day was absolutely glorious- under the chuppah that Alison’s dad made in the vibrancy of the Loose Park Rose Garden. ¬†The couple had a traditional Jewish ceremony, but added their own beat to every aspect. ¬†For example, the hora (the traditional folk dance that involves the couple being raised on chairs) was accompanied by a very surf- rock kind of version of Hava nagila. ¬†Their wedding cake was decorated with soft pink roses and jutting thorns. ¬†They had these really cool handmade pieces with different words about love, all donned with a punk rock edge. ¬†Here are some of my favorites from the day….¬†¬†

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Jun 20, 2008
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Jun 17, 2008
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I grew to love the Rumsey family over the year that I got to know them shooting their daughter Lucy’s wedding in December of 2006. ¬†That was the first time I met Brecken and Andy. ¬†Brecken and I had an immediate connection over a shared love of photography, and I knew Andy as Lucy’s kind, laid back brother. ¬†It’s always fun to arrive on a wedding day and greet the family with hugs, and “good to see you!”
The forecast for Memorial Day weekend was doom and gloom, but these two have this wonderful attitude of going with the flow. ¬†When¬†Ashley¬†and I arrived and saw the billowing grassy fields, and clearing skies ahead, we got giddy and snapped right into that place of creative flow. ¬†I know I say this a lot, I guess I just get consistantly great couples, but today was no exception- sincere love, natural beauty. ¬†A wonderful day.I just love this first image because I can feel what it felt like to be in that room with the open windows and the May breeze…¬†¬†¬†¬†


Brecken hears Andy’s voice as he arrives…..


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If you cruise wedding photographer’s blogs, you know that right now a lot of the posting is at a kind of a lull because of the mass of wonderful work that we are collecting to edit and eventually share with you all. ¬†Tyler and I are excited to be able to share what we’ve been shooting lately, but please be patient with s as we catch up :)Here are Emily and Matt. ¬†I met Emily through a dear friend of mine, and an exceptional wedding coordinator,¬†Holly Davidson. ¬†¬†Emily is also a friend of one of my beloved former couples, Nicole Henry and Christian Moody, and I shot engagement pictures for her long time friend Katie. ¬†So I knew I would like them given our friends in common. ¬†I loved that they both showed up in flip flops, that Emily is an art teacher and Matt an incredible track athlete. ¬† These two are unassuming, natural, goofy, honest, easy. ¬†All in all, we had a great time. ¬†I’ll lead with one of my favorites….¬†

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Jun 06, 2008
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When I first talked with Mike and Trena over the phone, I knew they were the kind of couple that I like working with. ¬†They were very open and excitedly talked about their story, and I could just tell how much they treasured one another- that they were truly grateful to have each other. ¬†Each of them adamantly said that they didn’t need to do things the way they’re always done at weddings, which of course is always music to my ears. ¬†I love it when couples make their wedding their own, and just enjoy it rather than having all of these preconceived ideas of how a wedding day must look. ¬†Mike loves photography too, so it was fun to shoot for someone who has that shared passion.The wedding day was just beautiful. ¬†Thanks for having me out to St. Louis you two!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

070mike_trena-copy.jpg 103mike_trena-copy-2.jpg 115mike_trena-copy.jpg

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My wonderful assistant/ second shooter Erin and I made a road trip up to St. Louis a day early to shoot some engagement-ish portraits of Trena and Mike and then join them for dinner with some of their best friends. ¬†Here are a few portraits from our time in¬†Forest Park. ¬†Wedding images soon…… ¬† ¬†¬†¬†


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