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May 29, 2008
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 My husband Mark and I had the pleasure of traveling out to the Mosimann family’s vacation spot, La Quinta, CA (just east of Palm Springs), to photograph Lauren and Taylor’s wedding.  Honestly, it hardly felt like work.  We were treated like friends and honored guests.  I spent the first day shooting nine holes with Taylor and the guys, then found the girls at the pool.  The wedding day was laid back but absolutely full of love.  We all kind of joked about how everyone (including the best man) had eyes full of tears at many points during the day.  Getting to know Lauren and Taylor it’s no surprise.  They are the kind of people that make you feel like an instant friend.  Kind to the core, refreshingly real, and always a good time 🙂 Thank you so much Mosimann and Busch families for inviting us into your lives for a few days.  we won’t forget it!!  mosimann_busch_001.jpg mosimann_busch_002.jpgmosimann_busch_003.jpg  
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May 20, 2008
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My whole relationship with Lauren and Daniel has been serendipitous.  I was originally unavailable for their wedding day, but I was able to make it work- thank goodness!  From our time together shooting engagement pictures, to every meeting in between, they have just been so sweet- calm yet enthusiastic, loving with each other and completely open with me.   I was so excited to have the ultra talented Ashley Parsons shooting alongside me that day.  On the way to the wedding, Ashley and I were talking about those moments of serendipity when shooting- when all the elements of scene, composition, light, expression, and mood come together in a flash, and we are given the thrill of triggering the shutter and capturing it forever.  As photographers, we are a chasers and a collectors of these unique moments.  We are driven by this phenomenon that Henri Cartier-Bresson called “the decisive moment”.  So we were hoping that this day would be one of those days, charmed with these kinds of moments.  And it was.  All it comes down to in the end is the love between the people there.  Lauren and Daniel have deep and un-self-conscious relationships with their family and friends.  When you drop that kind of sincere feeling in the middle of a beautiful spring day, you’re sure to collect some wonderful images.I’m going to lead with one of Ashley’s- and one of the best story-telling images of the day.  Lauren and her mom were standing in Lauren’s bedroom, and looking at the dress, they both were just overwhelmed at the reality that this was it- the long awaited day.  I was shooting their faces, but Ashley captured it from the better angle here- showing the intense embrace with the quintessential wedding symbol- the dress- hanging in the background…..  lauren_daniel043-copy.jpg 


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Diana and Jason were married in March, but for various reasons, we had agreed to postpone their engagement session until after the wedding.  It was actually really fun to see them again, since I usually hate saying “so long” after all the wedding stuff is over.  take a look… diana_jason_engagement002.jpg diana_jason_engagement008.jpg    read more

May 01, 2008
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Ginger wanted to record her body in this beautiful state.  Isn’t she lovely? 1d2n8123-copy.jpg 1d2n8259-copy-2.jpgimg_9209-copy.jpg    read more