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Apr 29, 2008
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Blair and Chris are great.  I met Blair through one of my former brides, and then found out that we have several mutual friends.  Blair said that she wanted to go natural for their pictures, so we hopped over to a spot I had found with some tulip trees in full glory.  Both of them were immediately fun, comfortable, up for anything.  Take a look at some favorites… img_8277-copy.jpgimg_4678-copy.jpgimg_8386-copy.jpg   read more

Natalie and Dirk work in the city, met in the city, love the life downtown, but the other half of their lives is on a ranch where they get their hands dirty taking care of  horses about 20 minutes outside of downtown.  How great is that?!  We considered shooting out on Dirk’s ranch where they will both live after the wedding, but eventually decided that downtown would be a better prelude to their President Hotel wedding coming up this October.  Natalie’s folks were kind enough to let us shoot from the balcony of their lofts at 15th and Walnut, and we had a nice moody cloudy sky as a backdrop to the new Power and Light District.  Take a look at a bit of their session  
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Apr 23, 2008
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Amber and Michael and I have had a good time together over the last year.  For their engagement session, we had a beer at the bar they migrated to after meeting at a friend’s wedding, took some wonderful pictures- these two are so easygoing and friendly- it’s hard not to feel like fast friends.  Amber has worked in the wedding industry for years, so, naturally, she had very well formed wedding taste.  I’m so flattered that she chose me to capture it all.  When we met for the last time before the big day, the resounding words from Michael were “I just want to show our guests a good time”.  And it surely was.  Thank you guys for letting me in.  Here are a few images that have popped out to me so far…     Amber showing off her bride muscles, and Michael calling the front desk to come help tie 8 bowties  046-copy.jpg 089-copy-21.jpg  042-copy.jpg     
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Apr 21, 2008
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 This is a tough post to write…but I wanted to share a letter that I recently received from one of my dearest brides, LeeAnn.  She wrote me shortly after Easter to let me know that her dad had passed away very suddenly from a short battle with cancer. She wrote to say that her wedding pictures have become even more priceless to her now that she is no longer able to have her dad with her. I sat there astonished.  LeeAnn’s dad was completely well at their wedding less than a year ago.  I remember LeeAnn’s dad so well.  In fact, the moments that I was able to witness between the two of them…those private exchanges between dad and daughter right before walking down the aisle…moments that go unseen and probably often unrecorded…. I remember feeling absolutely privileged to have access into something so intimate.   So, in honor of Richard, who I remember dearly, I want to share some of these pictures with you guys, along with some of LeeAnn’s memories of her dad and her time with him on that day. This is a powerful reminder for me what a privilege and a responsibility it is to be witness at such a wonderful day in people’s lives. LeeAnn reminded me how important it is to treasure those we love. Here are some of LeeAnn’s words about her dad:

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Apr 07, 2008
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While in Marathon last weekend, we had the luxury of staying at an incredibly beautiful organic bed and breakfast called Eve’s Garden. Kate and Clyde, the b&b’s owners, designed and built this quaint hideaway around the core values of ecology, art, and progressive architecture. The guestrooms are centered around an Edenic garden and courtyard…the air is filled with the scent of wisteria and roses and the sound of a trickling fountain. Every morning, guests join together for an extravagant home cooked breakfast, where the menu often includes edible flowers and produce grown on the b&b grounds. Our first morning at breakfast, we sat with these two great women from Dallas away for a girl’s weekend, and one of the ladies said that she teared up when she first walked in the door to the courtyard because of it’s beauty. It really is a special place. Take a look…


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Apr 04, 2008
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When my father-in-law, Wes, moved down to Marathon, TX a couple of years ago, I had no idea that the sleepy desert town would soon be one of my most inspiring places. This is a classic Southwest Texas town, one that you could miss if you weren’t paying close attention as you literally pass through the whole town in less than a minute driving down hwy 90. Marathon is a place where every interaction seems serendipitous. At Wes’s gas-station-turned to-furniture gallery, cyclists, road trippers, bikers, hikers from all over the world stop in for directions, water, asking where to get food.  Last weekend we met two young cyclists biking across the country to raise money for battered women and children, then hours later, a couple from Brussels wandered in asking for a good place to eat. Wes invited them in to share our family meal.  This is how it is in Marathon.  People spend their lives outside, and live by the rhythm of the sun rising and setting. The small community gathers often to “talk story”, share coffee, drinks, a campfire.  Folks have gone there to escape “the machine”, other folks have lived there all their lives, but it seems everyone there has a common vision for the way things should be.  And we agree.  Being there inspires me to live better here, back home.  This year, I spent most of my time hanging out with people, but had a few chances to shoot, and here are some of my favorite bites from my trip.1d2n6282-copy.jpg1d2n5992-copy.jpg
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Alison and Brian happen to work together at a private school in Baltimore, but they fell in love even before they worked together.  I have loved their flare for passion, romance, and idyllic life.  Alison stumbled upon this castle like structure just off of downtown KC, where romance and graffiti combined made a perfect spot for their engagement session (Brian revealed to me that he used to be a graffiti artist).  And lucky for me, there was moss AND long grass…my paradise!  009-copy.jpg 021-copy.jpg033-copy.jpg039-copy.jpg044-copy.jpg051-copy.jpg